Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Howard's Pennant Garland

Pennant garlands are so in right now! I see them everywhere I turn in blog-land. Howie has been relentlessly begging me for one - a monogrammed one, no less - to hang on his bedroom door. So, for his 4-month birthday, I made him one. And had so much fun; this is definitely the stuff of relaxation to me! Here are some pictures that document my process, in case you feel so compelled to join the trend.

I reinforced the monogram with cardboard via ModPodge, then attached it to the ribbon with safety pins.
I used whatever fabric I could find around the house for the pennants: leftover upholstery fabric from recovering the glider chair in his room, extra trimmings from the curtains in my living room, and scraps from an old chenille bedspread my mom gave me. I attached each of the pennants to the ribbon differently: some sewn on with embroidery thread and an over-under stitch, some threaded directly onto the ribbon because they were cut from old fabric that already had a hem, some paper-clipped on with multicolored paperclips, and some fastened with masking tape.
So, there you have it. Happy 4 months Howie! Sometimes I still look at you and wonder where you came from and how you got in my house!
I think I was going for: classic, fun, vintage-modern, and whimsical. How'd I do?
Did anyone out there have one of these growing up? I haven't seen any retro pics of any pennant garlands, but would love to if they're out there.
Oh, and pretty please post your pics if you make one, too!

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