Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring [Closet] Cleaning

My closet is one of my favorite rooms in our house. I love it for one main reason: it's huge. I can see all of my clothes in one passing glance and so I wear more of them more often.

A huge closet is just one of the wonderful home additions that resulted from the efforts of my valiant, handyman husband Jason who nearly single-handedly finished our unfinished basement over the past year; there remain only a few last trimmings left to complete. Our last closet my clothes (I blame them entirely) swiftly overtook. His clothes made a courageous effort to hold their tiny turf, but mine stood firm on the ground they had taken and advanced with stalwart fervor. Now we have ample room for both.

But lately I've noticed a fascinating phenomenon: everything inflates to fill its space. Food in a fridge; office supplies in a desk drawer; spending in one's income; and now...clothes in my closet. It's hard for me to decide to dismiss an article of clothing. Maybe I'm good at seeing potential. Or maybe it's because every style that goes around comes around again. Or maybe it's my StrengthsFinder Input Theme.

Have you noticed this phenomenon in your life? And how do you decide when a clothing item is ready to visit the Thrift Store?

Some of my favorite bloggers at Young House Love are thinking about the same things.


  1. I think you should give your clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. to a good friend. And the time is always NOW. ;-)

  2. Jocelyn, thanks to Jason's twitter post, I found out you're writing a blog. And now I'm subscribed to it. I'm glad because it will help me feel closer to you because I miss you. I like the way you write. And I like the way you dress. Don't throw any of your clothes away. Ever. :) Love, Jennifer

  3. You both are so sweetie sweet. XO